Samor's B-Forevermore
Samor's B-Forevermore

"Murphy" is a handsome and solid 15.3 h.h. black gelding with smooth and powerful gaits. Even though he makes a serious competitor, he has a loving and friendly personality. He has successfully competed in Open dressage shows at 2nd level but training 3rd level. His 'changes' are developing well. He is very flexible, has impressive lofty movement and has his lateral movements in all 3 gaits. He needs an experienced dressage enthusiast who can appreciate his natural talent and take him to his full potential.
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Samor Midnight Legacy Can# 10519
Samor Midnight Legacy

Foaled: June 4, 1997
"Nicki" is a 15.2hh black gelding with lots of energy and athleticism. He has spent most of his life as a trail and pleasure horse, having also been schooled in dressage basics. He is good to work with and has big, rhythmical and smooth gaits.
Solid and correct in conformation with no injuries or vices.
His siblings have all been very successful sport horses.
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Samor's Boadicea

Black filly - born May 11th 2008 - Samor's Boadicea -
Donnan's Czarna + Equinox Beau Dandy

We cannot fault our Boadicea! She is a beautifully put together, friendly filly and is very athletic. Everything we strive for in our programme is shown in this young girl. She is bound to make a memorable mark in the Morgan world and her human companion will be the envy of all other horse owners. You could be that companion!

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Samor's Theodin

'Theo' is a trusting and extremely friendly young gelding. He is very easy to handle and is about to start his training. His look is without a doubt, all Morgan, demanding a second look. He is alert, proud and enthusiastic. I think that he already knows that he is destined for great things in his future!

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 Samor's Balian

He is a big-boned, dark liver chestnut gelding with a look that shouts "Morgan", loud and clear. He is extremely lovable and kind and very easy to work with. Balian was started in harness by Randy Bird and has continued to improve both under saddle and in harness here at home. He has had extensive handling and gives you his best in whatever you ask of him at home or away.
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Samor's Epona
Epona or 'Little Gem' is a brown/black mare with the perfect blend of old Morgan blood that will also melt your heart. She is absolutely correct, loves to be around people and is a real show-off! There is nothing to hold her back as she is graceful, athletic and gorgeous.
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Samor's Mystic Sillouette
'Sofia' is an extremely lovable and well-mannered filly. She has inherited all of the desirable Morgan characteristics from her outstanding dam, Lamoille Glory B. Sofia is the last foal from this great mare. This filly's style is very laid-back like her sire Samor's Excalibur. This cross has proven to be very popular for their excellent conformation and strong Morgan look along with a superb temperament. She is very easy to work with and is sure to make many great impressions of her own in the years to come.
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Samor's Eowyn

Chestnut Mare 2003
She has grace and elegance that will demand a second look. A soft yet magnetic personality, she will melt your heart. She has a very correct and clean conformation with a rich liver chestnut coat that will make her an up and coming beauty! Through her veins, flow some of the greats in "Morgandom".
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Samor's Ebony Lace (on the left)
Mare Black
A strong yet very pretty mare. She has done well in harness and under saddle to prove her versatility and stamina. She throws her black colour and powerful build.
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Samor's Czarna (on the right)
Mare Black - Very Calm and patient this mare exudes Morgan personality. Like her sister, mentioned above she is a beautiful gal in a well build frame. She is very dependable both in harness and under saddle. She also throws her colour as well as her sweet disposition.

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 Samor's Navar

Dark Bay Colt 2003
From strong Morgan sport bloodlines, this colt is truely outstanding. He has great looks to go along with a compact body, sloping shoulder, strong hindquarters and a smooth topline. His correct build and great angles make him very athletic. His brothers and sisters before him have turned heads as they made their marks in dressage, carriage driving, and eventing. He should mature a solid 15.2 h.h.

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 Samor's Dance to Glory - Yearling

An outstanding filly with amazing size. At only 3 weeks of age she can easily look me in the eye. Her long hips and well-muscling hind-quarters already show-off great strength & power; while here beautifully arched neck comes up straight out of her shoulders to portray beauty & elegance. Rose is an extremely friendly filly and also quite fearless. She is one that will want to stand out in the crowd.

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 Samor's Covergirl
Bay Mare 2001
This is a very typey young mare that says Morgan all the way. She will surely create envy as her sire and dam have both done in their very versatile careers. "Sweet-Pea", as she is known, can lure everyone in with her sweet and loving personality. Along with a great character, she has the body and smooth gaits to match. She is filling out and up with a beautifully arched neck, deep body and chest, finished with a flowing mane and tail. Sweet-Pea has been lightly backed and is ready to go on. She should make a great western pleasure mare.
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 Samor's Hugo Boss - Yearling
He's absolutely huge! Even the vet thought so. True to form, Indigo has produced yet another strapping big boned colt that is sure to become another great sport horse prospect. Don't miss this opportunity.
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Samor's La Belle
Filly Bay
Gorgeous, correct and friendly - she is hard to resist. Handled regularly and easy to work around she can melt your heart with her big dark eyes.
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 Samor's Ramblin' Minstrel
An extremely typey and expressive colt, “Rambo” has an abundance of presence and soaks up any attention he can get. He definitely has a look that will turn heads! Rambo has been started under saddle. His gaits are smooth and he learns quickly.

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 Samor's Laurelin

Bay Filly, May 2005 (Photo: 2007)
"Libby" is a compact young mare and a real treasure. She has lots of animation with looks that charm! She is kind, loving and curious. Her trot is huge and balanced coming honestly to her through both parents who also both epitomize the Morgan standard. Libby is well started under saddle and is doing very well in harness showing great promise as a driving horse. She is very willing and trusting.
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 Samor's Spartacus

Black Colt, May 2004
"Gus" wants to be someone's best friend! He is people-loving with an expression that will melt your heart. He is a big-boned, solid, black gelding. His kind personality compliments his easy-going nature. A perfect partner! His gaits are smooth and easy which get him attention wherever he goes. He shows great talent and potential in both driving and under saddle.
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 Samor's Nenya

Vibrant and enthusiastic, Nenya will give you anything that you ask of her. She has the graceful, rolling gaits that make her look like a warmblood. She is going extremely well under saddle, achieving marks in the high 60's to 70's at her first dressage show. In harness she is very brave and powerful.
She is a gorgeous, correct and typey mare with a classic Morgan pedigree that is solid! Both of her parents bring excellent old blood into this exciting young mare and both are proven performers and producers. Nenya loves attention and has also had extensive handling. She is a definite 'black beauty'!
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