The Morgan Horse is often referred to as "America's first and oldest light horse breed". It is the only breed that was developed from a single, prepotent horse. This horse, named Figure (1789-1821), gained popularity for his strength, stamina, beauty, conformation and versatility. After a day of pulling logs out of the woods, his owner, Justin Morgan, was known to lay bets on his bay horse to win the local trotting races. Then on Sunday, Figure would proudly pull the buggy into town. Figure was knows as "Morgan's horse" and became the Morgan horse after his owner's death.

Morgan horses have contributed to the foundation of several breeds. Among these are the Quarter Horse, American Saddlebred, Tennessee Walking Horse and the Standardbred.

Today, Morgans are filling both homes and showrings, competing within their breed and outside of it. No other breed can offer the range of uses within itself that the Morgan horse can. No matter the discipline, the Morgan horse will excel with style!

Perhaps the most uniform and important (from the owner's perspective) attribute of the Morgan is his disposition. Bred into this breed as clearly as his proud bearing, is his willing, eager to please, "sure we can do this" attitude. Inherent in the Morgan horse is the love of people and a kind disposition.

Other traits of the Morgan horse include a short back with proudly arched neck rising from a laid back shoulder. Straight and sound legs and good hooves, wide chest and level croup with a high tail set are just a few other traits of this impressive breed. The head should be broad between large, prominent eyes with short, tilted ears. Above all, the expressiveness of the Morgan, his beauty, attitude and presence all combine in an animal whom owner's treasure. It's no wonder Morgan owners remain loyal to this remarkable breed for entire lifetimes, passing this love on to their own children.